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ICON Worldwide Develops Drupal OpenAI ChatGPT Integration.

OpenAI ChatGPT Integration

ICON Worldwide Develops Drupal OpenAI Integration

OpenAI and ChatGPT have dominated the discussion this year from multiple perspectives including social and economic implications. 2023 will be remembered as the year that OpenAI, ChatGPT and AI entered the mainstream consciousness.

Developers Love OpenAI and ChatGPT

Perhaps no single group has been more enthusiastic than the developer community who appreciate the real technological leap that Chat GPT represents.

The immediate release of APIs for developers was a huge signal that ChatGPT is committed to expanding the application as broadly as possible. By providing open APIs, developers are invited to actively participate in enriching the broader ecosystem through the creation of novel applications for Chat GPT. This strategic API release demonstrates a robust willingness to collaborate with the wider developer community, ushering in a wave of fresh ideas and wider adoption of Chat GPT. For more on the ChatGPT APIs see:


As Drupal developers, we naturally began thinking about how to integrate Chat GPT into the Drupal CMS. We immediately began to test the API and considered ways to bring this technology into our daily business, and into our clients' work.

ICON Drupal ChatGPT Plugin

We’ve developed a seamless integration of ChatGPT into the Drupal CMS. This integration provides massive opportunities to improve how you work with Drupal in two main ways:

1. Website content development and translation

Use ChatGPT to create website content for new pages, or to support the text you’ve already written. Simply ask ChatGPT for the text you need, copy and paste it into your page.

2. Technical support working with Drupal.

Many users struggle with basic Drupal modules, modifications or even formatting. Stumped on how to proceed, just click on the ChatGPT icon and place your question.

To try the plugin on your Drupal website, download the code here:

https://github.com/iconworldwide/IconWorldwide_OpenAiChatGPT/ and follow the instructions in the txt file.

The plugin is in Beta so please feel free to give us feedback on bugs, improvements, or new ideas.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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