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As a Magnolia Partner agency, with a certified magnolia developer team we continuously invest and train our developers to stay in-front of the latest developments and best practices..

Whether you are considering Magnolia CMS for a new project, or looking for an experienced team to support you with an existing project, our real, practical experience will prove invaluable.

Like us, the Magnolia CMS is made in Switzerland and offers a highly expert level of customer support, including architecture concepts and code reviews. This make Magnolia CMS an attractive alternative to open source CMS’s which rely on developer communities and third parts modules for support, security and extending functionality.


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We offer three models of cooperation:

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Why Magnolia CMS?

Magnolia is an award winning, fast, flexible and highly secure CMS built for the cloud. or on-premise hosting. As a java based CMS, Magnolia is ideal for large scale, multi-faceted customer experience and can be used in headless architectures. Built with a highly flexible architecture, open standards and a rich set of integration points, you get full flexibility to employ microservices and to deliver experiences with a headless approach. Magnolia is fully server rendered in any combination

An Advanced and Forward Thinking CMS

While many open-sourced CMS’s are in a reactive state, chasing the latest functionalities, or responding to security issues with patches, Magnolia CMS is a proven leader.

Automation powered by AI makes tasks such as tagging, search and personalization even faster, scalable and more effective.  

Accelerate personalization and optimization

Boost performance with Magnolia’s personalization and optimization capabilities. Actionable data and insights are tightly coupled to content and embedded in the authoring UI, speeding optimization cycles. 

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We are hiring!

Drupal Developers Front-end/Back-end

You will lead a small team of expert developers to build high quality software with a strong focus quality and usability. You will undertake technical challanges,make technical decisions and support the team, such that everyone executes to their best of their abilities.You will also manage client expectations and tasks lists.Experience with the Magnolia CMS is a strong plus,alternatively we are able to provide training.

Required Skills
  • - 5+ years experience developing java based applications (with a strength in care java)
  • - Hands-on technologist with recent experience working with multi-disciplined product teams
  • - Broad and extensive knowledge of the software development process and technologies
  • - Understanding of various coding methods
  • - Experience with software development lifecycle(sdlc) processes
  • - Experience with designing micro services based architecture that can be deployed in contrainers in the cloud

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