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Nearshore Software Development: a Cutting-edge Resource for Your Enterprise

ICON Worldwide Bulgaria is the software development branch of ICON WORLDWIDE AG. Our Development Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria provides clients with scalable, on-demand, skilled tech professionals.

Why Bulgaria?

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Excellence, On Time

  • Reduce your development costs by up to 50%
  • Expand your technology capabilities
  • Improve your on-time delivery

Designed for agencies and brands faced with the scarcity of experienced developers and the increasing costs of delivering technology products. ICON Worldwide is a leading Software Development Outsourcing Company.

Local Strategy and Project Management

Our development teams are led by experienced Technology Leaders. We don’t feel far away, work directly with local based designers and project management in our offices in Zurich, NYC, Madrid, Bahrain or Sofia.

On Demand

Ideal for small to mid-size agencies who need top talent on a flexible basis.

Dedicated Teams

Larger agencies can secure a dedicated team.

How We Work

Dedicated Teams

Translating the “idea” into reality, as manifested by a name and a visual strategy. We leverage years of experience working with some of the world’s most powerful brands, and applying this experience to creating new brands which are built to last.

Fixed Price Projects

Bringing your business or product to market in a simple, powerful combination of visual and text able to be extended across all channels of communication. We are happy to participate in an rfp for information technology

Time and Materials

We create living, engaging user experiences across digital the full range of product environments including websites and mobile applications. Design that is intended to be engaged with individually towards specific business objectives.

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